Welcome to the 2022-2023 School Year! We are all hoping for a somewhat normalish, healthyish, engaging year. Let’s support each other, welcome new teachers/staff, and give our students the enthusiasm Shoreline is known for.


This year is a bargaining year.  We may be asking for your further input and ideas about what is needed in your job.  Let us  know what you think when we ask. Make sure your home email is up to date. And remember, you only get to have a say in what happens when you are joined in solidarity with your coworkers.


If you are not yet a member, this is your official invitation. If you need help making that happen, please ask!  

The Mission of SESPA is to strengthen our membership through unity and advocacy. SESPA is dedicated to supporting high quality equitable instruction for all students. We do this by improving the level of knowledge of best practices for education support professionals. We are committed to an inclusive culture of support for employees and students from all ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations/identifications. We strive for creative, collegial collaboration between our members, teachers, and administration for the benefit of education in our diverse Shoreline community.

Important Links:

 Current Contract with updates

Professional Development

 The opportunities go to your home emails if you are a member. 


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