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On Tuesday, April 18 at 6pm, the Shoreline School Board will be considering a specific list of pretty drastic staff cuts they think they need to balance the budget in a fairly short timeline.
Please plan on attending. Consider speaking at the meeting during public comment. Tell your stories. The Board needs to hear exactly what you do for students and families. They need to understand what the impact will be if they carry through with their plan.
Show your solidarity, this is when it counts!

The Mission of SESPA is to strengthen our membership through unity and advocacy. SESPA is dedicated to supporting high quality equitable instruction for all students. We do this by improving the level of knowledge of best practices for education support professionals. We are committed to an inclusive culture of support for employees and students from all ethnicities, ages, and sexual orientations/identifications. We strive for creative, collegial collaboration between our members, teachers, and administration for the benefit of education in our diverse Shoreline community.

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